The art of reborning

My micro-rooting of a baby’s hair

My baby dolls’ heads have all been micro-rooted with the finest, softest and highest quality mohair! Micro-rooting is the most time-consuming process in creating the most beautiful reborn dolls and can take up to 60 hours or more to accomplish. A felting needle is used to insert one to two pieces of mohair at a time so that the hair looks as if it is actually growing out of the baby’s head. I only use the very best of premium Angora mohair, and use 42 gauge and 43g rooting needles.
Then I seal the hair inside the head with a strong waterproof glue so that the baby’s hair can be gently conditioned and styled. The hair is cut into a style that fits the doll face and personality!
Here is some examples of my micro-rooting!


The reborning process

Each reborn baby doll begins as a quality doll kit by various sculpting artists and is “reborn” into a unique and realistic “OOAK” (one of a kind) life-like collectible doll!

Painting a doll

Each doll here at Sheva Dolls is created with only the finest paints available.  I use Genesis heat set paints, which are guaranteed not to fade, rub or scratch off over time-assuring that each doll will remain a cherished heirloom for many generations to come.

The painting process begins with adding subtle veining on the doll’s head and limbs.  Next, several very translucent layers of mixed flesh tones are layered on to get just the right skin tone for each baby.

Several layers of translucent blushing and mottling are then applied in all the right places. They are blushed to create a realistic “life glow”. I am always amazed at how lifelike they look! Each doll has had approximately 10 separate layers of translucent paint applied, which has been heat set between each new layer. All the details are addressed: painted “barely there” eyebrows, creases, fingernails and toenails.

Custom made body
Each doll has a custom made body that is made from a soft suede fabric.  The body is then weighted with poly pellet filled bags and soft poly fill to give it just the right weight and feel of a baby. All the vinyl limbs are weighted with poly pellets for weight and to allow the doll to pose in “real baby” positions. The head is weighted as well and has unbelievable realistic movement just as a newborn.

Each baby will come with her or his own special layette, usually consisting of 2-3 outfits, hair bows, magnetic pacifier, diaper and birth certificate. I take great care when preparing your baby for travel to her new home! Your baby doll will be carefully packaged to ensure that she arrives to you safely!

Many days and sometimes weeks go into just one reborn baby. When all finished they are truly Little Angels, once you hold one of my reborn babies, you won’t want to put them down! 🙂

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