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  • A Russian soul with the American spirit…

Anna Sheva started creating lifelike dolls 8 years ago by a process known as “reborning”and selling her reborn dolls under the name of Sheva Dolls and received amazing feedback from clients and her creations sold all over the world! Just recently Anna started specializing in black and biracial ethnic baby dolls!

Anna says that creating these little bundles of joy is her absolute passion and love and it comes naturally to her. She is constantly striving to improve her techniques with each and every baby she creates!
Anna Sheva’s dolls are all one-of-a-kind little works of art and she never remakes them!

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Anna now lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and their 3 kids.

For inquiries please contact the artist at anna@shevadolls.com

Also, follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anna_sheva_dolls/


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  • Toni VanDruska (8 years)

    I think your dolls are just awesome, I have done porcelain dolls for many years and love the reborns and am trying them now. I admire you and your art work on the dolls. I will glad to see your doll when you finish it and hope you can get it reproduced. I will be glad to buy one. Your dolls take on and apppearance like you look. Take care and I just thought I let you know your dolls are beautiful, you should do a DVD.

  • shevadolls (8 years)

    Thank you so much Toni for your wonderful words! I really appreciate it! I am happy that you like my dolls! Can’t wait to finish my clay sculpted doll and share it with everyone! So stay tuned!

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