About the artist

Anna Sheva has always been very creative and loved drawing portraits, especially baby faces at a very young age. When she was older she started collecting dolls and one day while looking at dolls on ebay she discovered reborn baby dolls and couldn’t believe that a doll can look so real and beautiful and she knew right that minute that this is something she wants to try doing!
Anna found her passion once she started working with dolls! She started creating life-like looking dolls by a process known as “reborning”and selling her reborn dolls on ebay under the name of Sheva Dolls and received amazing feedback from clients and her creations sold all over the world!

Anna says that creating these little bundles of joy is her absolute passion and love and it comes naturally to her. She is constantly striving to improve her techniques with each and every baby she creates!
Anna Sheva’s dolls are all one-of-a-kind little works of art and she never remakes them! Also please note that Anna doesn’t take custom orders!

Anna lives in San Francisco bay area, USA with her husband and their 3 kids.

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