“Jia-Li” sculpt by Sebilla Bos, now cute little Mongolian boy Koke! New release!

This little guy was created out of “Jia Li” sculpt, which was just released by one of the leading European artists Sebilla Bos.

When I saw this adorable chubby face, I knew right away I had to have this sculpt.  My idea was to turn it into a cute Mongolian baby.

It took me many hours of research about Mongolian children, culture and national dress to be able to bring baby Koke to life!

And now look at him, he turned out to be the perfect interpretation of a real baby boy from Mongolia. All his clothes are hand made by me just for him and are one-of-a-kind just like him.

He is now a one-of-a-kind collectible lifelike baby doll and will never be duplicated or reproduced by me!



“Meagan” sculpt by Romie Strydom!

My 1st baby of 2011 is baby Lily (Meagan sculpt by Romie Strydom). Check out her pictures in my gallery section!

She is my favorite little angel so far, I enjoyed creating her so very much! She is simply breathtaking!!!

Baby Lily will be listed for adoption on ebay tmrw!

She was born January 5, 2011 and she is 21” long and weighs about 6 lbs!


Baby Lidy sculpt by Didy Jacobsen!

My last baby of 2010 – baby Lidy sculpt by Didy Jacobsen! She is simply so adorable, was born today on the last day of this year 2010!