Hello everyone,

I haven’t blogged in a while now and I think it is high time to do so today… since it is Sunday, my only day off and while I have some free time I decided to address the issue of the high cost for my dolls and reborn dolls in general.

I get asked this question all the time: “Why are reborn dolls so expensive?”

So I have decided to write a blog post about the cost of reborn dolls. Everyone would like to get a nice doll for a low price, but it is not possible to make a good quality reborn doll without spending money. Below are the prices for the tools and supplies needed to make a high-quality lifelike reborn doll.

DOLL KIT: $90-$200. The costs depend on many things: the size of the kit, if the kit is a limited edition or an open edition, the type of vinyl used.
BODY: $15-$40. A nice quality doe suede body that is custom made for your kit is going to be more money than a cheap cotton body.

EYES: $20-$60. Eyes can be plastic, glass or other materials. They can be very realistic or very doll like. I only use the most realistic eyes: german glass eyes or glastic realistic eyes which turn out to be the most expensive ones.

MOHAIR: $10-$100. The cost of mohair depends on the quality of the mohair, how well it is cleaned and combed and the length of the mohair.

Poly pellets: $10-$20. I only use high quality poly pellets for my dolls.
Polyfil: $5-$10. Used to stuff the doll and make it cuddly.

ROOTING NEEDLES AND TOOLS: A package of rooting needles is about $15-$25 and the same goes for the rooting tool.
Well… there is also glue, paints, brushes, sponges, etc.: ¬†One tub of Genesis heat set paints that I use can be as much as $30, and many colours are needed for creating beautiful realistic dolls.

CLOTHING: $30-Unlimited

And last but not least MY TIME and TALENT: Creating lifelike art dolls is my full time job now and my passion, this is a business for me not just hobby. I am fortunate to have found a business that I adore and I am working very hard to make it a very successful career one day becoming a famous and successful doll artist and sculptor and then be able to sell them at the price that they are actually worth which is $1500+. This is what these beautiful little works of art truly cost and established artists sell them for even more than that. A reborn doll takes me a minimum of 7 days to make and toddler dolls take even more time and I do need to be compensated for my time and talent.

I hope this helps to understand the high cost of reborn art dolls.

Anna S